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Rival Books of Aster

Figure it Out!

When someone says to you, “We’ve got this technology, but we can’t figure out how to make it work for us. We’d like you to try…”

Pushing the Limits

New approaches to old ideas, experiments, strange optimizations, and minimalisms.

Other Game Efforts and Tools

Places, Please!
  • Places, Please!: A cooperative, interactive theater simulator. Featured along with Rival Books of Aster at the 2015 Waterloo Innovation Summit
  • An educational game aimed at teaching children basic programming concepts
  • Drag-and-drop level assembly on touch-screen devices
  • Level loader/viewer for Descent 2 with simple 3D physics, using C++ and OpenGL
  • Single- and multi-player levels for Descent 1 and 2
  • Tetris clone using C++ and Win32 API
  • 3D Pong using C and x86 Assembly on MS-DOS
  • Nibbles clones using Turbo C on MS-DOS, and BASIC on TI-85 graphing calculators

Community Participation

More to come…

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